Sweets AND Chocolate

Sweets AND Chocolate

We started Cosy Café in 2020 with the aim of opening a Café in Scarborough, UK. We spent time looking at premises and designing a real cosy and friendly environment that you would LOVE to visit.

Unfortunately, as we know, 2020 didn't go as planned, and we had to put this on hold.

But we still wanted to serve you, so we decided to start selling sweet gifts that were hand designed to delight the recipient.

After that we thought, what about Chocolate, its loved right? So we now create a range of Belgian Chocolate bars, which are hand topped.

We are always coming up with new ideas, and trying to give great value, we love it when your gift is perfect.

Hearing from customers is great and if you have any suggestions or feedback, please get in touch.

Here's hoping we can do more in 2021

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